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Team Coaching 

I am a highly  experienced Team Coach, listed on the Register of Coaching Psychologists with the British Psychological Society's Division Of Coaching Psychologists, a European Mentoring & Coaching Council Master Practitioner, and an accredited ENGAGE Coach, drawing on specialist coaching approaches.

I am really interested in teams, systems, boards and organisations, working successfully either as a sole Team Coach or co-coaching together with another trusted Team Coach and Associate,  to assess, address and tackle complex interpersonal, dynamic and systemic issues arising from being part of any organisation and on the interface with clients, providers and other agencies. 

Such issues include performance and productivity, negative conflict, dysfunctional systems and blockers, weak or toxic leadership, organisational change and culture,  with the purpose of embedding ongoing individual and team learning and development in order to promote positive leadership  and  high-quality team functioning and top performance at all levels now and into the future.


Each team and organisation has unique issues, needs, and coaching requirements, ranging from a specific targeted coaching intervention to 3, 6 or 12 month coaching consultancy programmes, and even some commitments spanning years. 

Recent apocalyptic change across society and in business has brought the importance of attracting, valuing, and retaining the best talent in teams and across the workforce into sharp focus - the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) movement has rightly brought this crucial issue to the forefront of considerations, on order to develop progressive and psychologically healthy organisations for socially responsible business leaders, boards, investors and other stakeholders.  

I bring the very latest developments in advanced coaching approaches to my professional Team Coaching practice, having trained on the EMCC Team Coaching Course with Prof David Clutterbuck.

Please contact me at for an initial discovery discussion and bespoke costings for your team, unit or Board. 

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