Specialist Monitoring 

for Policing, Cybercrime and Online Moderation roles

  • Gold Standard support to Policing, Cybercrime, and Online Moderation roles.
  • Unique expertise as specialist external consultant to INTERPOL, MOD RMP, the MET.

  • Regular sessions of frequency dictated by operational pressures and demands.

  • Wellbeing Coaching around crucial issues involved for each individual person.

  • Additional individual psychological sessions if and when required.
  • Anonymous sessions if requested to facilitate access to support and engagement.

  • Rapid referral pathway should NHS or private sector services be appropriate.

  • Professional liaison to provide a confidential link to the workplace.

  • Advice on realistic levels of potentially-traumatising work in routine work life.
  • Reasonable management adjustments to maintain good Mental Health & Wellbeing.