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Executive & Leadership Coaching 

am a highly experienced Executive and Leadership Coach, listed on the Register of Coaching Psychologists with the British Psychological Society's Division Of Coaching Psychologists, a European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Master Practitioner, and an accredited ENGAGE Coach, using a wide range of specialist evidence-based coaching techniques and tools. 

I am passionate about working with Senior Professionals, Leaders and Public Figures  to coach them to achieve their very best performance in their challenging roles while helping them to tackle their complex professional responsibilities, manage their huge work demands and overload, and prevent the familiar 'Burning the candle at both ends' mentality leading to Burnout - so costly for mental health and wellbeing  and your physical health as well as often impacting negatively on their valuable personal and family relationships. 

Whether you are a leader who is striving to perform and be at the top of your game, or who may be struggling with work-related stress, anxiety, work-place conflicts  personal relationship and family problems, mental and physical health concerns, ethical issues and professional dilemmas, my coaching sessions will really help to understand much more clearly about the meaning and purpose of what you are doing, to fine-tune your own unique leadership and management style, hone your higher level critical and strategic thinking, to develop and learn in a generative and progressive way, to enhance your problem-solving and decision-making processes and to gain a clearer perspective on the best way forward for you.

Leadership can feel like a lonely place and so it is vital to create confidential opportunities to reflect on their major professional responsibilities in order to better deal with whatever life may throw at you in your work and personal life. Being a leader certainly does not protect anyone from the full range of challenges and life experiences and it can be especially difficult juggling everything when shouldering huge responsibilities for your organisation and workforce, and particularly when the wheels feel like they may come off when you are so used to being the one in full control of everyone and everything!

I am a warm, engaging and open person and a very strong communicator, combining genuine curiosity and empathy with positive energy and humour,  highly experienced in working sensitively yet robustly with frankness and understanding, and  drawing on a wide range of powerful specialist coaching skills techniques to work collaboratively with my coaching clients with an absolute commitment to identifying and addressing their current and future needs. 

A Consultant Clinical Psychologist by trade, with over 30 years of specialist professional experience across Public, Private and Third Sectors, and a PhD researcher into Bullying and Harassment in hierarchical systems, I am a  trusted pair of hands as a Coach and as a Consultant Psychologist. I offer  u rgent Crisis Support in serious crisis and high profile situations, and r obust support to Whistleblowers is also offered - anyone in such situations will derive great benefit from having such support in a time of need. 

Short, Medium-term and ongoing Coaching, Consultancy and Advisory Options are offered depending on your exact requirements so do contact me on  for a free initial discovery discussion and advice.  Flexible  Consultations are offered at £300 per hour. 

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