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Board Advisory Consultancy

I am a Director, Charity Trustee and Board Advisor, interested and highly committed to working with Senior Leadership Teams, Boards and Organisational Development  Departments.  

I bring a wide range of psychological and advanced evidence-based coaching perspectives and approaches, as well as professional expertise from over 30 years of professional practice, to assess, audit and to advise Senior Leaders and Boards of organisations and businesses. 

Recent apocalyptic change has brought the vital importance of attracting, valuing and retaining the best talent across all workforces into very sharp focus. The Environmental, Social and Governance movement has prioritised ESG as a major consideration for progressive and socially-responsible business leaders, boards and investors.  ESG clearly identifies people as the primary asset of any business, and this is starting to drive a reversal of the traditional thinking. where HR professionals were not even given a seat at the boardroom table, to a newer position where directors who understand about people are given much more prominence on Boards, alongside  those who understand about finance or sales.  I facilitate and support this fundamental existential shift through working alongside Leadership, Board and Organisational Development professionals. 

I am Co-Founder of the Association of Psychologists on Boards, is a not-for-profit professional platform working to bring psychological and coaching perspectives and approaches for more equal, diverse, inclusive (EDI) and effective organisations and Boards. Psychologists and Coaches are well-placed to provide innovative strategic direction and advice and to provide such critical challenge and direction as NEDs and Board Advisers, and to e ncourage a genuine leadership commitment to Wellbeing at Work policies which research has shown to increase performance and productivity - never more crucial for any business or organisation than it is right now! 

I champion the importance of a true commitment to good corporate governance for psychologically healthy and safe organisations - hence Psychological Hands!  I am also a PhD researcher into Bullying, Harassment and Misuse of Power and the effects these issues have in leading to toxic and dysfunctional workplaces. 

Please contact me at to discuss my specialist psychological and advanced coaching approaches and how I may work with you and your organisation or business to develop positive change.  

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